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Spinning Wheel For Sale
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Loom For Sale





FFM member Gabrielle Nappo  is selling her beautiful spinning wheel and loom. We hope she will continue to weave and spin in the future! Contact Gabrielle for purchase and pick up:   239-404-0537

$1600.00 – Negotiable! 45 inch LeClerc Nilius II floor loom.  Very good condition. Includes 2 reeds (10 dent and 12 dent).  Open ended bench for storage. Extra heddles, shuttles (boat, stick & rag), heddle hook, warp sticks. Warping board, manual bobbin winder, manuals and books.  Asking $1600.00 negotiable.  Pickup is in Naples FL.

Contact Gabrielle for purchase and pick up:   239-404-0537

$250.00 LeClerc 22 inch Oak spinning wheel.  Excellent condition. Includes manual, bobbins, lazy kate and hand carders. Wheel is located in Naples FL.

Contact Gabrielle for purchase and pick up:   239-404-0537


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Pamela Palma is a life-long artist and designer who works primarily in textiles and fibers. She founded Fantastic Fibers Miami in January 2016 for the purpose of drawing together like minded people who share the passion for textiles. Her work is exhibited widely in galleries and museums. She shares her love of textiles by teaching others to weave, knit, sew and embroider.

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