First Meeting, Feb 2016
First Meeting, Feb 2016

Fantastic Fibers Miami is the brainchild of Pamela Palma, a renowned fiber artist, textile designer and community arts organizer. Because textiles are often underrepresented in the Miami art scene, despite the rich, cross cultural traditions that predate history, Pamela developed a fiber guild. Years of contemplation and strategic planning went into Fantastic Fibers Miami. In January of 2016, Pamela birthed her vision to fill this void in the local cultural landscape.

Fantastic Fibers Miami serves as a community hub to connect and promote fiber artists. The response has been remarkable! We grew from a social group to a professional guild in less than six months and we were internationally recognized for our annual particiaption in World Wide Knit in Public Day, June 18, 2016 and again on June 10 2017, at PAMM.

Members meet monthly in the studio of Pamela Palma Designs, #41, at the Bakehouse Art Complex. We work individually and collaboratively on monthly challenge projects and our on-going fiber mural, building bodies of work for future exhibitions. Each month one member shares her work and her processes to enhance our understanding of our vast medium.

Projects, programs, meetings, events, and member updates are posted on this website and on the Facebook page, Fantastic Fibers Miami. Occasional updates are posted on Instagram.

Check us out! Fiber artists of all types are invited to attend one meeting as a guest. Participation in monthly meetings and programs, in challenge projects, collaborative projects, workshops, and exhibitions are benefits of Guild membership.  Find out more about benefits of membership and join today! Membership page

Meetings are held on the last Saturday of every month in Studio the Bakehouse Art Complex, 561 NW 32nd Street, Miami, FL 33127. For more information email Pamela or call 786-897-8856.

About the Founding Director       Pamela Palma      Pamela Palma

Pamela Palma is a creative who has worked with textiles and other materials since childhood. An educator and consultant for arts organizations in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, she has vast experiences with program development as well.

Pamela Palma has 30 years of experience as a professional designer/artist with a Bachelor’s degree in Fiber Design. Her Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership, plus extensive training by the Junior League of Miami and her work with major art organizations, schools and universities, makes her uniquely qualified as the founder and director of Fantastic Fibers Miami. Her award-winning artwork is exhibited and collected internationally, nationally, and locally in museums, galleries, and privately. Currently she is a Resident Artist at the Bakehouse Art Complex. Details on her website http://pamelapalmadesigns.com