May 27 Meeting + Workshop

This month we have a treat in store for our Guild. The meeting will start promptly at 2:00. Bring your fiber book packed and ready to pass to the next person on your list. We have a couple of things to discuss regarding Knit in Public Day, June 10 at PAMM.

Then on to a special event! We have talked about incorporating workshops into our monthly meetings. May 27 we will have a natural dye workshop led by member Veronica Buitron. The meeting is at 2 and workshop at 3; both will be held at Karelle Levy’s shop, Krel Wear, 7520 NE 4th Court, Miami 33138. located at the Ironside complex.  Tickets are available through eventbrite:

Questions? Reach out to Veronica or Karelle. (I am just the messenger.)

Fantastic Fibers Miami, making the world a better place, one thread at a time.



April News

Yarn bomb MB1Fantastic Fibers Miami ~ making the world a better place, one thread at a time!

Fantastic Fibers Miami is a member supported fiber art guild for weavers, knitters, crocheters, stitchers, surface designers, mixed media fiber artists, dyers, printers, felters, and more. We meet on the 4th Saturday of every month at 2:00. Please RSVP! Not a member? Join here.

This month, the 4th Saturday is April 22, 2017. We will begin the knitty gritty for our yarn bombing projects ~ very exciting!

Our Monthly Challenge Project for April has been replaced by the Secret Book Project. If you signed up to participate, bring your complete packet, finished pages and blanks, all wrapped up and ready to pass to the next member on the list. The list has been circulated by email.

Morgan has graciously agreed to lead the Monthly Program.

See you there!


March News


March 2017 Update

Fantastic Fibers Miami will meet March 25 at 2:00.  Our Challenge Project for March is 3-D. What did you make in 3-D?  

Nancy Billings will share tips on photographing fiber art.

We now have 6 committed participants to the Fiber Book Project. If you are new to the party, we are doing a round robin. Details can be had at the meeting. Here are the participants in sequence:

1 Elena/black; 2 Evelyn/Red; 3 Morgan/Magenta;

4 Pamela/Mango; 5 Veronica/Indigo; 6 Bernice/Dusty Rose


From February’s meeting: Each month we have a Challenge Project, proposed by a member. It is designed to get our creative juices flowing – perhaps in a new direction. Last month’s challenge was, “What does February mean to you?”

I did not want to make another heart. I have woven several and I wanted to exercise another aspect of fiber art besides weaving. I found this sample of woven fabric, red and white, in my stash and hand paintd my interpretation of February as the month of Aquarius, the water bearer. I would like to show you what else was prersented at the meeting so if you were there, please photgraph your work and send it to me.

Our Challenge Project for the month of March is 3-D. Make something 3 dimensional and bring it to the meeting. Be sure to photograph your work!

Our Monthly Program presenter for March is Nancy Billings.

Our round robin Fiber Book is underway! We have 5 committed participants and 5 colors. Do you want to intitate a book? Call Pamela for details.

World Wide Knit in Public Day is happening at PAMM on June 10. We will, mercifully, be inside this year! Stay tuned and spread the word.


MEETING – October 29, 2016

“Broken Glass” Hand Knit by Evelyn Politzer

Hello Fiber People! The next meeting of Fantastic Fibers Miami is Saturday, October 29.

Please RSVP – seating is limited!

We meet at 2:00 at Studio 41, Pamela Palma Designs, The Bakehouse Art Complex, 561 NW 32 Street. Free parking on the street.

Meeting Agenda – Meet and Greet.

Old Business – 1) Report from Pamela Palma on the Common Field Art Conference.  2) Reminder to document your work for future events, the website, social media. 3) Membership.

Monthly Program – Martha Kent, Tapestry.  Each month a member leads the program by showing us and discussing her work. Next month’s (November) volunteer?

Monthly Challenge Project – For anyone – Anything fiber that incorporates elements of nature. Next month’s (November) challenge? Should we build on previous months to create a strong, cohesive body of work?

Ongoing Collab – Fiber Art Mural– Evelyn Politzer will show her addition. Who will be next?

Good and Welfare – Your announcements, accomplishments, shows to enter, ideas for future programs.




September Meeting News

Evelyn Politzer, Green Thumb
Evelyn Politzer, Green Thumb

We had a full studio at our meeting on September 24, 2016!

Two more people joined the Guild, Nadiya Shulhan, and Nancy Billings. Both women bring exciting work and energy to our group!

Marilyn Griffiths opened the meeting with our Monthly Program by showing us examples of her hand woven fabrics, created over a period of time on a variety of looms, beginning in 1970. Her beautiful work includes samplers woven on a rigid heddle loom to more advanced silk twills woven on table looms and floor looms. Her fabrics are very fine and super soft, perfect for garments. She is currently weaving on a Baby Wolf 4-shaft. Thank you, Marilyn!

Martha Kent has been working on assembling the squares from Knit in Public Day for Lotus House blankets. She has amassed squares for six full blankets! She displayed an adult size work that she has embellished by crocheting around each square for size uniformity, then attaching to each other creating a lovely, color coordinated blanket. Beautiful!

The Monthly Challenge Project for September was “the color green.” Evelyn Politzer created Green Thumb, a very green hand knit thumbprint using multiple knitting techniques. Dorina Scalia was unable to attend but submitted a work entitled, Green, in which she created the word green in the color green using a tapestry technique called worming. Pamela Palma submitted two mixed media weavings, Visit Florida, that incorporate shredded one-hundred dollar bills, hand dyed yarns and tourism maps promoting Tampa Bay. Her works begs the viewer to consider the effect of tourist and corporate dollars on our fragile ecosystem.

Nancy Billings brought three examples of her textile work which she color enhances through dyes, bleach, paint and stitching. Her work launched a discussion about the many mounting techniques we observed in the work by our members. Definitely a topic for a future Monthly Program.

Fiber Art Mural – Beatriz Calderon is working on her portion using colorful felt to depict animals. She showed us her template and we provided her with helpful ideas as this is a new area for her. She will add her work when it is ready. Evelyn took the mural to create her art. Reminder: we do not have a specific deadline or timeline for the mural and participation is voluntary. Those who have created work for the mural are requested to submit a statement about it.

Winding up the meeting, it has been recommended that each member please photo document her work! We would like to have a) a record of our projects; b) access to the images for future purposes (website, exhibitions, proposals, etc.); c) each of us is requested to write a “text panel” about the work: Your Name, Title of Work, Size, Date, Materials, Price. Mabellin volunteered to contact Aurora for the earliest documentation in pdf and to extract the images for the Guild.

October 29 is our next meeting: Monthly Challenge: Fiber Art that incorporates elements of nature in the work. Be sure to photograph and write about your work! Monthly Program: Martha Kent – Tapestry.

See you all on October 29!




Dorina Scalia, Sorrow
Dorina Scalia, Sorrow

Fun with Fiber!

Fantastic Fibers Miami meets September 24, 2016 at 2 PM

Welcome to the first full season of the Guild! Our focus is on creating with fiber. This month’s Challenge Project is the COLOR GREEN. Members are encouraged to push their creativity using any fiber medium, any style, any size, as long as the work is the color green. We are compiling bodies of work for future purposes so please remember to photograph your work!

Monthly Program – Marilyn Griffiths will show and discuss her work.

Fiber Mural – Beatriz Calderon has added her work to this on-going, and growing, group project. She will talk about her contribution. Who is next?

We will wrap up with any exciting news, announcements – Are you exhibiting? Part of an event? Share with us!

In August, Dorina Scalia led the Monthly Challenge with her contribution, hand woven tapestry, Sorrow, pictured above, to reflect the political climate. Evelyn Politzer showed her hand knit work, Broken Glass; Pamela Palma showed her woven art, Give Peace a Chance and Enaray.

Please sign up to be a presenter for our monthly program. We have an opening in November and several in 2017.

Fantastic Fibers Miami meets at 2:00 at Pamela Palma Designs, Studio 41 at the Bakehouse, 561 NW 32 Street. Miami 33127. Free Parking! 786-897-8856



July 30, 2016 Meeting Recap

August 1, 2016
Members of Fantastic Fibers Miami met yesterday, July 30, at the cozy studio of Pamela Palma Designs int the Bakehouse Art Complex. We set a schedule of monthly programs for the coming year. We now have programs for 4 months and lots of openings. See the full list on the Meetings Page MONTHLY PROGRAMS.
Do you have a technique to share? A discussion to lead? Email and get on the schedule!

We talked about our ongoing collaborative project, formerly known as Call and Respond. We agreed to call it a (Fiber Art) Mural. It is truly lovely with the underlying theme of nature/flowers/endangered species, a subject we can all relate to. It now has 4 components by 4 artists: Top Row- Marilyn Griffiths. Bottom Row L-R: Mabelin Castellanos, Aurora Molina, Nadiya Shulhan. The Mural has been passed to Beatriz Calderon who promises to surprise us with her addition as she Keeps the Conversation Going!

Martha Kent has been busy coordinating the blanket squares for Lotus House. She has single handedly stitched them into 2 large blankets and is now crocheting the edges of each blanket to make all the squares unified. Thank you Martha! We can’t wait to see the finished products! If anyone still has squares, please contact her.

Monthly Challenge Piece – back by popular demand! At the suggestion of Dorina Scalia, we are jumping on this significant moment in history. Each member is tasked to create a fiber artwork that speaks to WHAT IS GOING ON? It can be political commentary, satire, something that references SIGNS OF THE TIMES. No size constraints. Due at the August 27 meeting.  Keep your eyes and ears open for potential exhibition opportunities for this very timely body of work. We are part of history. We are creating Herstory!

Natasha Middagh brought to our attention the Textile Society of America Symposium October 19-23, 2016 at SCAD. Interested? Check it out.

Become an active part of your fiber community! Volunteer to help with exhibitions, membership, monthly programs, PR/media, workshops. Email Pamela