July 30 Meeting Recap

July 31, 2016
Members of Fantastic Fibers Miami met yesterday, July 30, at the cozy studio of Pamela Palma Designs int the Bakehouse Art Complex. We set a schedule of montly programs for the coming year. We now have programs for 4 months and lots of openings. See the full list on the Meetings Page MONTHLY PROGRAMS.
Do you have a technique to share? A discussion to lead? Email Pamela@PamelaPalmaDesigns.com and get on the schedule!

We talked about our ongoing collaborative project, formerly known as Call and Respond. We agreed to call it a (Fiber Art) Mural. It is truly lovely with the underlying theme of nature/flowers/endangered species, a subject we can all relate to. It now has 4 components by 4 artists: Top Row- Marilyn Griffiths. Bottom Row L-R: Mabelin Castellanos, Aurora Molina, Nadiya Shulhan. The Mural has been passed to Beatriz Calderon who promises to surprise us with her addition as she Keeps the Conversation Going!

Martha Kent has been busy coordinating the blanket squares for Lotus House. She has single handedly stitched them into 2 large blankets and is now crocheting the edges of each blanket to make all the squares unified. Thank you Martha! We can’t wait to see the finished products! If anyone still has squares, please contact her.

Monthly Challenge Piece – back by popular demand! At the suggestion of Dorina Scalia, we are jumping on this significant moment in history. Each member is tasked to create a fiber artwork that speaks to WHAT IS GOING ON? It can be political commentary, satire, something that references SIGNS OF THE TIMES. No size constraints. Due at the August 27 meeting.  Keep your eyes and ears open for potential exhibition opportunities for this very timely body of work. We are part of history. We are creating Herstory!

Natasha Middagh brought to our attention the Textile Society of America Symposium October 19-23, 2016 at SCAD. Interested? Check it out.  https://textilesocietyofamerica.org/tsa_symposium/symposium2016/

Become an active part of your fiber community! Volunteer to help with exhibitions, membership, monthly programs, PR/media, workshops. Email Pamela



Knit in Public Day

Knit a square for charity
Knit a square for charity
World WIde Knit in Public Day
World WIde Knit in Public Day

Fantastic Fibers Miami presents Knit in Public Day at Pérez Art Museum Miami  

Saturday, June 18, 2016, 12-5pm


Celebrate World Wide Knit in Public Day wwkipday.com Saturday, June 18, 2016, 12-5pm, at Pérez Art Museum Miami (pamm.org/knitinpublic) with Fantastic Fibers Miami (fantasticfibersmiami.com). Knitters, weavers, stitchers, fiber artists of all types are invited to Knit in Public on PAMM’s shaded Bayside Stair, to draw inspiration from the museum’s lush hanging gardens, iconic architecture and breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay. Newbie knitters of all ages can try their hands with yarn and needles led by members of Fantastic Fibers Miami. Knitters are welcome to work on independent projects or charity projects, such as knitting a 10” square for blankets for the children of Lotus House women’s shelter.

All knitters will receive complimentary museum admission.

Fiber enthusiasts are invited to make themselves at home on the built-in bench seating at PAMM’s Bayside Stair, sit back in one of PAMM’s Adirondack chairs, or set up their favorite blankets or beach chairs. Verde restaurant, with seated dining and a quick grab-and-go café counter, and PAMM’s galleries are open from 10am-6pm (knitters will receive passes for complimentary admission; food and drink is available for purchase).

World Wide Knit in Public Day was started in 2005 in Europe as a way to connect individuals from what is often the solitary activity of knitting. Fantastic Fibers Miami provides a community for Miami-based fiber artists, and a forum in which to work together.

“In every culture everywhere on Earth throughout all time, people have been, and still are weaving,” said Pamela Palma, founder of Fantastic Fibers Miami. “Currently there is a global resurgence of weaving and knitting as younger generations re-discover the endorphin producing processes of using one’s fingers creatively.” Fantastic Fibers Miami is our community of talented fiber artists. Join us! We meet on the 4th Saturday of every month at Artisan Lounge.



May and June Events

May and June 2016 Events

May 6, Coral Gables Museum: Aurora Molina’s artwork is featured!

May 10, 7 PM – Art Tuesdays at Books and Books in Coral Gables panel discussion, Art as Craft, Craft as Art – with Aurora Molina.

May 13, 7 PM The Bakehouse Art Complex opening reception of “Recently Acquired” with Maria Barbist and Kyoko Matsuyama in the Audrey Love Gallery. Open studio night at the BAC!

May 28, 2:00 Artisan Lounge, Fantastic Fibers Miami monthly meeting. Bring your challenge piece, Who are you really?

June 18, 12 – 5 Knit in Public Day at PAMM. Contact evelynpolitzer@gmail.com for details !

June 25, 2:00 Monthly Meeting at Artisan Lounge


March Meeting

Haiku by Pamela Palma Designs (c) 2016
Haiku by Pamela Palma Designs (c) 2016

Fantastic Fibers Miami will meet at 2 PM on Saturday, March 26, 2016 at Artisan Lounge, 500 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33132.

Please bring your Haiku to work on and share with the group. Each Haiku is requested to be 8″ x 10″ to be presented as a collection in book form; as prayer flags; or as text-tiles. Mine, shown above, is the Haiku I created and embroidered onto a vintage embroidered linen rectangle.

We have exhibition opportunities for our Haiku art which we will discuss at the meeting. Also, we have  updates on World Wide Knit in Public Day June 18.

See you Saturday. Bring friends!



Success! Fantastic Fibers Miami is Launched!


Patio Set and Lemonade by Mabelin Castellanos
Patio Set and Lemonade by Mabelin Castellanos
Welcome Back Babies by Kyoko Matsuyama
Welcome Back Babies by Kyoko Matsuyama

The first meeting of Fantastic Fibers Miami  filled my studio to capacity! Clearly this is something we have wanted for a long time! I thank all who participated: Sharon Spaker, Norma Rua, Dorina Scalia, Maria T Barbist, Martha Kent, Mabelin Castellanos, Marilyn Griffiths, Evelyn Politzer, Nadia Shulhan, Kyoko Matsuyama, Amy Tonkonow Kohan, and Aurora Molina. You are now our founding members!

We collectively represent an international body of fiber artists working in all manner of fiber from embroidery to weaving! It was amazing to see the variety of work by all of us! So beautiful!

Our meetings are the last Saturday of each month at 2:00.

Next meeting is Saturday, March 26, 2016 at Artisans’ Lounge, 500 NE 1st Ave., Miami. Free Parking! Hostess: Aurora Molina. Our project is in conjunction with O Miami Poetry Month. Each artist is creating a fiber artwork 8″ x 10″ containing a positive protest Haiku. Please bring your Haiku to the meeting to work on.

Ongoing: Aurora is collaborating with embroidery artists in Mexico to produce embroidered selfies. You may send her your selfie to be included in the project. info@auroramolina.com

June 18, 2016 is World Wide Knit in Public Day.  Evelyn Politzer offered to organize a Miami event. We considered several locations – Merrick Park, the Public Library, PAMM steps overlooking the bay. Maria T Barbist will inquire at PAMM to use the steps, which are public property. Perhaps we should knit for a specific project. Ideas? Read about the event  World Wide Knit in Public Day

Artists, please send images of your work to post on our website. You can upload your images directly to our Facebook page along with news, exhibition opportunities, events, accomplishments, etc.

Thanks! Pamela pamela@pamelapalmadesigns.com


Dream Weavers! Weekend Workshop for Beginning Weavers

Weaving Workshop with Pamela Palma
Weaving Workshop with Pamela Palma

Dream Weavers Beginners Weaving Workshop
With Pamela Palma on gorgeous St. Simons Island, Georgia! April 23 – 24, 2016  Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm

Get away from the hustle and bustle to this idyllic island paradise in Southern Georgia and learn to weave while you are there!

Weaving is all the rage! Find out why this timeless art form is so popular in this weekend workshop. Be relaxed, inspired, and invigorated as you create wonderful woven fabrics! Dream Weavers is designed to demystify the process of hand weaving. Using a very simple rigid heddle loom, you will learn both the art and craft of weaving. Find out how easy and rewarding it is to make your own unique fabrics – a scarf/runner plus art for your wall. Work at your own pace on a loom ready to weave with beautiful yarns. Equipment and individual instruction is provided. Beginners and intermediate weavers are welcome. Class size is limited.

Master weaver and colorist Pamela Palma travels to Glynn Visual Arts from Miami, Florida to share her talents and skills to inspire you to create! She will guide you through the language of weaving and the mechanics of the loom through color and textural interactions. Let your creativity and imagination soar. Watch your fingers develop your fabric as it unfolds before your eyes. It’s magical! It’s not just cloth, it’s art!

More info: Dream Weavers Workshop


First Meeting of Fantastic Fibers Miami!

“Ice, Water, Fire, Air,” (Detail of “Water” portion ) woven by hand on a floor loom by Pamela Palma/Pamela Palma Designs

The First Meeting of Fantastic Fibers Miami is Saturday, February 27, 2016 ~ From 2:00 to 3:00 PM

Where: Pamela Palma Designs ~ Studio 41 at The Bakehouse Art Complex ~ 561 NW 32 Street, Miami 33127 ~ FREE PARKING!

Bring friends, meet and greet, show us your work.

RSVP: http://pamela@pamelapalmadesigns.com  786-897-8856

Or message us on Facebook – Fantastic Fibers Miami

Did we mention FREE PARKING? See you then!