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Fantastic Fibers Miami starts the New Year off with a Bomb! A Yarn Bomb! At MOCA.  Thank you for the media coverage, ArtCircuits  and Culture Owl

Join us January 26 for an evening of artsy fun as we transform the white pillars into a colorful series of art

installations in knitted and crochet cloth created by FFM members Dana, Morgan, and Pamela, and the MOCA Teens. Hats off to Morgan for her tireless coordination of this project.

FFM members’ Artist Books will be on view in the Pavillion Gallery exhibition, Fresh Threads, along with works in fiber by the teens, curated by Gregory Louis-Pierre.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is located at 770 NE 125th Street, North Miami. Plenty of free parking.


Author: WPadministrator

Pamela Palma is a life-long artist and designer who works primarily in textiles and fibers. She founded Fantastic Fibers Miami in January 2016 for the purpose of drawing together like minded people who share the passion for textiles. Her work is exhibited widely in galleries and museums. She shares her love of textiles by teaching others to weave, knit, sew and embroider.

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