Surface Design Mixed Meida by Nancy

Fantastic Fibers Miami has a diverse group of talented textile artists.  Here are a few artworks created by members.

Hand Woven by Morgan
Hand Knit by Evelyn


Quilted portrait by Elena
Challenge Project by Morgan







Art Quilt by Elena






October 2016 Challenge Project: Incorporate Elements of Nature

Ec o-Weave by Pamela Palma
Ec o-Weave by Pamela Palma


Eco-Weave by Pamela Palma contains seed pods from the Jamaican caper bush at the Bakehouse. The pods are seductive, reminiscent of peas in a pod. Each pod is woven directly into the cloth along with white yarn.



September Monthly Challenge Project: The Color Green

Here are some examples by our members.

Evelyn Politzer, Green
Evelyn Politzer, Green Thumb. Hand Knit
Visit Florida - Pamela Palma
Visit Florida – Pamela Palma, Hand Woven Mixed Media
River of Grass - Pamela Palma
River of Grass – Pamela Palma, Hand Woven Mixed Media


Dorina Scalia









August, 2016 –

Monthly Challenge Project: What is Going On?!

Dorina Scalia, Sorrow
Dorina Scalia, Sorrow

Above: Dorina Scalia, Sorrow. Hand woven on a tapestry loom with wool yarns. Mounted on woven paper strips (newspaper stories about the politics du jour) and beautifully framed in a shadow box.

Pamela Palma – Give Peace a Chance

Left: Pamela Palma – Mixed Media Fiber. Give Peace a Chance – John Lennon’s song – Hand lettered on watercolor paper, tinted with watercolors, woven with hand dyed cotton yarns, woven on a 4 shaft floor loom.

Pamela Palma – Enaray

Above: Pamela Palma, Mixed Media Fiber. Enaray. Hand woven with silk and rayon yarns, Target shopping bags, shredded decommissioned one-hundred-dollar bills. Woven on a 4-shaft table loom.